Online English Courses for Professionals*

*Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.

  • Take a course wherever you are in the world
  • High quality one-to-one courses with a professional, qualified native speaker
  • Trainer experienced in one-to-one training techniques online
  • Customized feedback on your speaking and writing during the lesson followed by detailed, emailed feedback after the lesson
  • Course based on your work and specialized to your needs

Course times

  • Each lesson between 60-90 minutes
  • Choose your lesson times (including evenings and weekends)
  • Course plans typically 10-30 lessons (1-5 lessons weekly)
  • Postponing a course will not lose you any money - just fix a new time

Our courses are different

You can always find online English organizations offering lessons at low prices, but these are usually given by non-native trainers who are underpaid and under-qualified. Other organizations offer English lessons with native speakers at reasonable prices, but in almost all cases, these are conversation classes with no distinctive method or structure.


Cost includes pre-course materials and post-course feedback.