Chris Tanner Language & Communication Training

Online & Face-to Face English Courses for Professionals


Below are some examples of courses given over the years. Courses are as one-to-one or small groups i.e. typically 4-8 in a group.

Company Courses
English for the Winter Car Testing Industry
Effective Business Industry
English for Telecoms
Activate your Forestry English
English for the Building Industry
English for Human Resources
Financial Services English
English for Banking
Sales English
English for Purchasing Managers
English for Project Leaders
Effective Email Writing
Telephoning English
English for the Packaging Industry
English for Mining
Effective Presentations in English
Effective Meetings in English
Effective Negotiations in English
Telemarketing English
Insurance English
Supply Chain Management English
English for Corporate Lawyers
English for Legal Personnel
English for the IT Industry

Local Government
Local Government English
County Administrative Board English
English for Local Councils
English for County Councils
English for EU Administrators
English for Business Development Officers
English for Local Government & the EU
Local Council Information Office English
Dealing with Brussels
Regional Development English
English for Council Chief Executives
English for Local Councillors/Politicians

Military English
English for Air Force Stores
Military English for Officer Training
Military English Writing for Officer Training
English for Helicopter Technicians
English for Army Recruits
English for Army Aviation

Healthcare English
Healthcare English
Primary Healthcare English
Healthcare English for Doctors
English for Medical Secretaries
English for Healthcare Receptionists
English for Lab Personnel
English for Infectious Diseases Personnel
English for Surgeons
English for Radiographers
English for Healthcare Management
English for Dental Personnel
English for Dental Technicians

University Courses
English for University Personnel
English for University Lecturers
Student Healthcare Services
English for PhD Students
English for University HR Personnel
English for the University Helpdesk
English for Education Administrators
English A
Cultural Studies
English for Professional Purposes
Teacher Training (English Teacher Trainees)
Presentations in English
Negotiations in English
Business Writing
Professional Writing
English for Exchange Students
Language Workshop for Students

Examination Courses
IELTS (Academic)
Cambridge FCE
Cambridge CAE
Cambridge Proficiency

English for Training Organisations
Airport English
English for Car Parking Attendants
English for the Tourism English
English for Space Centres

Online courses