Language and communication training has been Chris Tanner’s life for over three decades. He has delivered customized training courses to some of the biggest organizations in Europe.

He has worked with governmental ministries and ministers including the then Polish Prime Minister - Leszek Miller on a one-to-one intensive course. He has also worked with countless numbers of CEOs and influential business leaders from a wide variety of sectors and countries. In addition to Business, Legal, Military, Healthcare, Technical and Local Government English, he has extensive experience providing specialist communication courses.

His courses include: Presentations; Negotiations; International Meetings and Intercultural Awareness.
Chris is now working with both traditional face-to-face training and remote training. He also helps businesses on making remote training as effective as possible. Online group and one-to-one courses are proving very popular in this new post-covid world that we live in.

Chris Tanner has also worked extensively with universities in Scotland, Sweden and France.

Originally from Clitheroe in Lancashire (northern England) Chris divides his time between Malmo in Sweden and the UK.

During his free time, he enjoys travelling, has a passion for football and for all things musical, including being a part-time musician and DJ on Country Radio Switzerland.

(Photo: Pendle Hill, near Clitheroe in Lancashire, which is Chris Tanner's home town)

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