Chris Tanner

Language & Communication Training

About Chris Tanner
Founder/Trainer (Malmo, Sweden)
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Language and communication training has been Chris Tanner’s life for the last three decades. He has delivered customized training courses to some of the biggest organizations in Europe and once even taught the then Polish Prime Minister, Leszek Miller on a one-to-one intensive course.

As well as giving courses in business and technical English, he is used to delivering specialist courses in presentations, negotiations, intercultural issues, military English, healthcare English, English for local government etc.

Chris Tanner has also worked extensively with universities in both Sweden and France.

He divides his time between Sweden and the UK.

During his free time, he enjoys travelling, has a passion for football and for all things musical. He is half of the musical duo Cowboy Angels – writing films scores for those films that have not yet been made.

+46 (0)7062 82810
About Annabel Farquharson
Office Manager/Trainer (Bristol, UK)
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Annabel Farquharson is head of our UK office in Bristol. She is an experienced, dynamic language and communication trainer having worked in the field for over twenty-five years.

Annabel is also a very experienced businessperson, having set-up businesses in both France and Greece. She is an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner.

Annabel has a wealth of experience of helping trainees pass key pre-sessional (university entrance exams) e.g. FCE, CAE, IELTS etc.

She loves walking in the woods with her beloved Bagel (the beagle) and enjoys travelling, especially to France, where she resided for many years.

+44 (0)7870 230651

About Ann-Catrine Edelswärd
Sales & Marketing Manager (Malmo, Sweden)
Portrait photo of Ann-Catrine
Ann-Catrine Edelswärd is usually our first point of contact for clients (potential clients) in Scandinavia. She is a native speaker of Swedish and fluent in English.

Ann-Catrine has a wide knowledge and a great deal of experience in the business world in general and in training more specifically.

She has worked as a trainer providing companies with in-house sales and marketing training (in Swedish).

She has a passion for working out in the gym and is on the board of her local cheerleading branch.

Don’t hesitate to give her a call in Swedish or English, no matter how small your question!

+46 (0)7062 00025